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Leanne Davis
November 17, 2016 | Leanne Davis

We are ALMOST done!

Jon and I are so excited to show off what we have accomplished in such a short time.  Our winery is set to open in the next few weeks!  We are fine tuning the tasting room and preparing to pour you a taste of our handcrafted wines.  

We have worked very hard to make our winery a place where you, our customer, feels welcome.  Bring your family, as we are a family run winery.  You may see our granddaughter, Lileana, tidying up the tasting room or our sons Josh and Kelsey making Sidre in the spring. Our daughter Aubrey and daughter-in-law (to be) will be working behind the bar pouring you one of our fantastic wines while Papa Romano (my dad) and my mom will be visiting with guests in our tasting room.

Come in and join the family!




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