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Our Team



Jon ChewningOwner / Cellar Master / Wine'r

Jon started in this business brewing beer in Alaska. When he moved to California he was intrigued by the wines of the region. With the transition from grain to grape under his belt, he improved his skill by working with the best winemakers in the Sierra Foothills. Jon strives for complete balance in his wines. He makes what he likes to drink. After ending an IT career lasting over 30 years, he and Leanne decided they would try to change their lives...and change they did. They opened Via Romano Vineyards in January of 2017 and haven't looked back.


Leanne DavisOwner / Grower / Boss Lady

Leanne has a background in design and construction and was instrumental in the winery coming to fruition. Leanne and Jon came together because of their love for wine. After their wedding in Italy in 2013, they came home and planted a vineyard. They only wanted to farm! After Jon left his long-time career to make wine, she saw in him the passion he was missing in his work life. That led to them making good wine and the life changing decision to start this winery.

Our Team